September 13, 2009

  1. I can take on the world. All I need is a full stomach and a good bra. There is nothing I cannot do.
  2. I can be friends with an ex girlfriend. That’s fine. But I cannot be a 100% civilized human with her.. Our relationship will include:
    a) Jealousy episodes
    b) Stolen kisses
    c) Frowning when one of us meets someone new
    d) Fussing over how she “doesn’t care anymore!”
    e) Remembering the hurt that caused the breakup and lashing out again!
    So yeah, I can be friends with an ex, but the real question is can she handle it?

  3. There is always something extra you can do, always. I know that because whenever I think I did my best, someone tops it! *laughs hysterically*

  4. Mothers kick ass. Usually it’s the father’s ass of course.. But nevermind that!
  5. Coffee was made so that we can enjoy it. And milk is amazing. Whoever thinks coffee and milk is sissy can kiss my tanned ass.

  6. Fireworks are overrated. They’re too effing loud.

  7. I’ll get back to you on number 7!

One Response to “Revelations!”

  1. KTDP Says:

    …. humans …..

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