I just have to say….

September 15, 2009

Picture 1


17 Responses to “I just have to say….”

  1. Sarah Says:

    It’s the hair.
    *staring admirably*

  2. suspic Says:

    She still has the body of a 13 year old boy.

    Still, not too shabby. =O

  3. KTDP Says:

    agreed, definitely the hair ….

  4. cruxine Says:

    I actually like her body, it’s similar to my ex’s T____T

  5. Fiend Says:

    and who the hell is she?

  6. cruxine Says:

    that would be a kuwaiti actress.

  7. Fiend Says:

    ummm oops… guess im really outta the loop when it comes to kuwaiti stuff 😛

  8. cruxine Says:

    where are you from? OMG OMG OMG I’m nostalgic now!!! ASL!!????! LOL!!!!

  9. Fiend Says:

    lol whatever 😛 i dont watch kuwaiti tv… 😛 i think my family gatherings have better acting 😛

  10. cruxine Says:

    You just ignored my ASL hahaha
    I miss the 90s :p

  11. Fiend Says:

    LOL i thought the ASL was meant to be ignored 😛

  12. t76eem 7dy Says:

    ana amoot 3la haya wo atmna aklemha wo abi asoolef

  13. t76eem 7dy Says:

    afa leesh m7ad m36eeny wayh

  14. cruxine Says:

    Because this is not a dating site, love! 😛

  15. t76eem 7dy Says:

    la yeba ma feny shay 9a7ya bas a7es ena ma7ad fahemny

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