Heroes s04e01-02

September 23, 2009

I’m not a review kind of person so this is just a soft-core rant.


I must say, Heroes is one of the most annoying shows I’ve ever watched.. Season one was ok.. Season two and three are just really bad.. But unfortunately I am hooked.. Today I watched the first episode (a double) of the fourth season and I must say it’s looking a bit better than before… So my hopes are a little elevated for this season. Still going to file this under the Crux Dislikes though.. Until further notice. :p

I am, however, thrilled about having Robert Knepper as a new charactar! He was so good in Prison Break.. But somehow.. I can’t seem to imagine him except as a bad guy! I wonder if he really is a good guy in heroes.. I doubt it anyway! Love the new accent anyway!

And Hayden Panettiere just keeps getting prettier.. Except for the false eye lashes of course!


2 Responses to “Heroes s04e01-02”

  1. h Says:

    hayden has a girl on girl scene.. u shud be looking forward to that ;p

  2. cruxine Says:

    I totally sensed it coming. But honestly, do you get turned on by every sex scene you see on tv? Why is it that you assume I would like it? Just because they’re lesbians?

    I’m sorry, my frustration comes from the belief that people have that a lesbian (or a gay) is automatically a pervert.

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