December 30, 2009

In Kuwait for the break. And I’m tired of blackberries and the small black (and sometimes beige) chanel bag.


Married ladies? I keep getting hit on looks from women walking with their hubbies.. shissalfa??? I hear Arab men are lacking in length, but does that really mean you should go lesbian-kaboom?

Elyom I was walking with my ex in the effing-yous. Allah laaaa ewareekom el5az. Gabil la a7ish sha3ri a5er 7asha kan 3adi I walk where I want how I want, and kiss whoever I want in whichever parking lot I want.. Now, All I have to do is hold her hand and old ladies throw their eyes out.. Nothing like showing off my skinny ex. Old ladies would love to pop themselves on a hot girls tongue, don’t let their 3abaya fool you. Sex-deprived women always go lesbo-kaboom.

Enough about lesbian sex. This is not what this post is about. It’s about blackberries.. And chanel bags. I really liked that bag. Re7t selfridges, 5al9a. I had an impulse to buy it.. My friend said it’s an old lady’s bag, but I chi3mi her, shu6up, you don’t know Kuwaitis, tomorrow everyone will be carrying one.. And I was right.. Banat/Ladies elkuwait did not drop my word on the floor..


I miss maintaining a proper intellectual conversation with someone. *sigh*

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