Time and Space

March 8, 2010

Have you ever thought of the spaces you’ve inhabited?

The time you spent there must be accounted for in some way or form… Even if your stay and activity in a place is just a flow that is or will be continuos by some other entity. Whether it be a spider on the wall creating cobwebs in corners, or another human… But if a space is kept empty of all flows of movement and inhabiters for a while, does that spaces become static, while time is still moving?

If spaces were static, then where is the home I grew up in?

Spaces are not static in the end, since we can shape and manipulate and create them. If that’s the case then how does the movement of time and space differ?

Maybe because time does not to be touched and manipulated as far as we know to be moving.

Then again, if we cannot see or understand the true form of time. How do we know it exists? How can we see and feel it the same way we see space and experience it?

More importantly is the question: If time stopped would we feel it? Would we only perceive the true form of time’s movement when we no longer sense it?


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