What is a blog, then?

March 15, 2010

I have always had a blog… And usually it’s anonymous, like this right here. I don’t want people to know my first name and I would not like them to recognize me in the street. I am not interested in reading (or keeping up with) other blogs except for a precious few which I visit every few weeks or months depending on how much life I have going on.

So why do I keep a blog?

Easy. Because I am a narcissist who thinks people SHOULD hear (or read) what I have to say. I have ideas, yes, but mainly I have opinions. If you don’t know the difference between the two then you have alot of philosophical reading to do.. Or, of course, you can read my amazing blog and wait for amazing philosophical terms to come up and for me to put them in easy breezy cover girl format for you… You know, the format that suits our easy-digest oriented culture.

Do I think you’re stupid?
Yes, most likely. I probably believe my brain is bigger than your too. And I am probably not that smart anyway, but you’re less smart than I am, so I get to judge you and preech you and sit you in a small chair in the corner and point at you so that everyone else in the room will laugh. Right before you kiss my forehead in gratitute for making you grow up in super extra fast pace.

Have I made people cry?
Yes, I have… And I want to make more people cry. I think the best job for me would be a teacher… I’d make children cry anytime of the day. It gives me great pleasure proving people wrong,,, And usually they end up crying afterwards (in presentations).

I try to be nice.. I always try to be nice because I lack the confidence to  be a total bitch as I am in this blog. Which leads us to the question of why I blog? I blog because I can be a bitch if I am anonymous. I can totally let go of the limitations of being polite.

So… What is a blog?
A blog is the tool I use to fuck people in the ass. Something like a strap on. So bend over, bitches.

3 Responses to “What is a blog, then?”

  1. Consumerista Says:

    ya sater;p

  2. RoboGrrl Says:

    I love how one of your tags is “pms” hahahaha

    Really tho, can’t women be bitchy without being accused of pmsing? tch

  3. rabidkoalabear Says:

    “preech ”



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