My life lacks a penis

April 22, 2010

She was upset.

I said: “I wish I was marrying you.”

She said: “I would marry you for free.”

She was very upset. But she’s just made me happy for days to come.

So now all I need to do is be re-born with a penis.

4 Responses to “My life lacks a penis”

  1. rabidkoalabear Says:

    so wait let me get this straight….

    you need a penis in your life?



    ba dump…..

    HELLO <==============

    I kid I keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed…


  2. q8life Says:

    Being inclined on the lesbian side, I wonder why you need to be reborn with a penis?

  3. cruxine Says:

    Because I can’t propose to a Kuwaiti girl without it :p

  4. Adrenaline Says:

    u can borrow mine, it easier

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