The on-going headache

April 26, 2010

So today my supervisor at uni finally liked the idea for my project. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a pleasant smile on that face… It really did make my day except for this headache I have that doesn’t seem to want to go away.

Apart from that, I have to hand in a 2500 words project proposal by friday, which I haven’t started writing yet. Good thing the ideas/words are all crammed in my head, I just hope 4 days is enough time to put them on paper. And on Saturday I’ll be flying – enshallah – for a short holiday coz God knows I need one. I am home sick and need a change of scenery, with disregard to the fact that I’m flying even further away from home – enshallah if volcanos decide it’s time to be civil.

There’s this bug in my room that I can’t seem to get rid of. It keeps flying in front of me, flaunting its speed and taunting my bad aim. I thought fruit flies only lived for a day. Ok, I just remembered that I have an over-ripened banana on my shelf while typing this.. This must be why the fly won’t leave. Idiot!

If every time I get a headache I think I’m dying, does that mean I’m watching too much grey’s anatomy/house md? Or does it simply mean I have too much free time and occupy it by fussing?


One Response to “The on-going headache”

  1. rabidkoalabear Says:

    it probably laid eggs in your brain while you slept.

    you may need the presence of a lad overflowing with testosterone to overcome the effects ;o

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