26 (oh, crap!), 27 now.  30. That’s just plain old. Kuwaiti.

I quit smoking.Nope! Back at it. No, really, I quit smoking. (Nov 2010)  I’m a social smoker, now. (2013)

FEMALE (because I’ve been asked quite often, like some dude would call himself “cruxine”!)

Yes, I’m a bisexual lesbian bisexual (again). Please keep your advice/criticism/bitching to yourself.
I’m not bitching about you being straight! Actually I do bitch about straight people sometimes.

–>> Ok, now. I keep saying bisexual, then lesbian, then bisexual again. Let’s just say I’m not fussed about the gender of my partners as long as I absolutely adore them. So I’m not a promiscuous woman, I am just not sexist that way. :p <<– Gender is fluid, and I’m queer.

When I see something I like, I say it. Whether it be the beautiful eyes of someone, or the brilliant work of another.
When I see something I don’t like, I say it! I have no right to judge people’s looks because God created them, but I sure as hell have the right to judge what they make and how they behave. If they receive my negative criticism, they have damn well earned it!


By no means am I publicizing and spreading my lifestyle of bisexuality.
I talk about it in this blog because it is my free space. But I know what is right and wrong and thus believe that doing something tagged as “wrong” is one thing, and publicizing it is a complete other.
Therefore, please do not consider adapting my lifestyle simply because you read my posts and liked what they said. I do not want to take responsibility for anyone’s actions.

Ya3ni bel3arabi mabi thnoobkom raja2an kil wa7id 3arif ma9la7ta o ana e5tart halshay le’6eroof or whatever bas mabi a7ad eqaled aw eta2athar. Please kafi kil wa7id shayel hamma. :p


I removed my disclaimer because someone told me I’m going to hell anyway. I’m guessing they might have some supernatural bond with the heavens.

Here’s some new shit!



21 Responses to “Me?”

  1. hautepocket Says:

    I like your blog. I’m going to link to you on my blogroll. 🙂

  2. cruxine Says:

    That is so sweet of you, thank you so much 🙂

  3. CeCe Says:

    Male or female?

    P.S. I like your blog too.

  4. cruxine Says:

    feeemaaale lol :p

  5. earthquaker Says:

    nice blog, and i admire ur honesty =)
    its rare to find someone honest and brave to spit it out without caring what other clowns might say =P



  6. cruxine Says:

    My dear EQ,,
    I appreciate your compliment.. But if I were brave and honest, I wouldn’t be blogging. I wouldn’t be saying online the things I can’t say in real life. 🙂

  7. Ruby Woo Says:

    lol all this time I thought you were a guy.
    Nice blog! Short, straight-forward, and funny!

  8. لؤلؤة Says:

    Obviously is not a place to criticize …
    yet, let’s keep the door wide open ..
    life is tough dude, you’ll know it one day …

  9. I’m sorry if this sounds creepy… but I honestly don’t mean to freak you out… When I read certain things on your blog something clicks… and I realize that I’m looking at things that are buried deep within me, things I fight, things I deny.
    It’s quite interesting; to know you share more with a person you hardly know than with your partner.
    Well… I guess you can’t have it all… It would be too perfect that it would tip the scale.
    Lovely blog.

  10. beingbutme Says:

    Hey, I just discovered you, you seem interesting, I am reading you from now on.

  11. cruxine Says:

    Wow I have been discovered! LOL
    Well, thanks for the compliment 🙂

  12. Resi Bismo Says:

    shabahal khair,

    found your page while blog walking… keep writing

  13. elle12elle Says:

    there is nothing interesting about being bi but being bi, kuwaiti, and bloggin about it is. be yourself that’s all you need, fuck lebels =)

  14. q8life Says:

    I admire your guts for being an open minded bi Kuwaiti female amongst the conservative Kuwaiti who are strong advocates of segregation laws.

    Even the transgenders in Kuwait are a pity lot, for such behavior is a crime in Kuwait.

    It takes courage to speak out the truth openly to anybody. So keep speaking from your heart.


    I am adding you on my blogroll and will appreciate reciprocal action.

  15. rabidkoalabear Says:

    bla bla bla

    so how hot we talking here? ;o

    and ur bi eh… i c

    *tweaks imagination*

  16. cruxine Says:

    You watch House MD much?

  17. rabidkoalabear Says:

    I used to but I haven’t caught up on the latest season but yes I suppose you could say so.

    Mmmmm 13….

  18. cruxine Says:

    Lol, sorry I’m not that hot.

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  20. Sal Says:

    I physically (my first instinct was to say literally but then my pain-in-the-ass accuracy changed my mind) LOLed at your posts from 2009. You should get back to posting.

    Love and peace from our damned city of Riyadh.

  21. Maani Says:

    Are you still alive? I need your help please…

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