Call for forming a lesbian community

September 23, 2009

I don’t want a relationship, but I would be very comfortable around lesbians.. Truth of the matter is, the community in London as far as I have seen is always gay/lesbian.. And like men usually do, gays get more share.. more spots.. and a bigger community.. It really pisses me off.. I really just want to hang out in a spot full of girls.. Do I really have to have men thrust in my face all the time, whether straight or queer?

So my question is, are there any lesbian hot spots in Kuwait? And if not then why the hell not?

I really just want to have a group of lesbian friends whom I’m not afraid of being out in front of… Any ideas?


13 Responses to “Call for forming a lesbian community”

  1. e7mood Says:

    i just hope u wont find any more sick people like u here…..again am just hoping

  2. h Says:

    just go to places ayam el 7areem.. kla girls no guys.. duuh..

  3. cruxine Says:

    to each their own, really. I am not judging you at all.

    I am honored by your defence :p

    ayam el7areem.. You said it.. Full of “7areem”. Not lesbians who share a common line of thought and lifestyle.

  4. lana Says:

    there are a yahoo group and a q8i forum for lesbians only, but it full of baby lesbians and wanna-be.

    the hi5 was a good place but they block it now.

    i’m a lesbian, who suffer from the same problem, and in desperate need of real friends who would understand me and in the same time i can be myself with them. so, if you formed a group, tell me please 🙂

  5. cruxine Says:

    I am soooo bad at the whole social game, I usually find it easier if someone took me in rather than me having to do the moves.. I hate this trait! But yeah, I’ll let you know.. Even though you’re anonymous :p

  6. lana Says:

    yes i’m anonymous, but you got my email address:P

    if u want to know more about the forum and the group, send me an email.

  7. q8life Says:

    u can form one of yourself, just hang out in the malls and give indications which are familiar amongst the L community and soon u will find willing compatible partners.

  8. sarah Says:

    well, there’s a place called messila its by the sea and every thursday is a girls day there’s no boys!! but i think they open it only in summer so i dnt know!! and u can go to skating i dnt know where its but every tues. is girls day !

  9. cruxine Says:

    Seriously? Hang out in a mall and give indications? Seriously?! I am a college graduate not some 15 year old kid haha.

    yeah but that’s not what I meant… And I kind of changed my mind anyway :p

  10. Manal Says:

    I wish we have lesbian groups in Qatar and every where. at least we can share our feelings.. hope you informe me if you have this kid of group even if it is in K8 .. Bs with No teenagee

  11. Raheem Says:

    hi iam looking women near me

  12. im also looking for woman in kuwait

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